The Network

Our Guesthouse Web in Aragón is formed by a number of hotels whose main feature is their singularity and high quality standards, and all of them are hosted in particularly interesting buildings in terms of Heritage or landscape surroundings, and/or outstanding natural or artistic areas.
Enhanced by the Regional Government, Guesthouses have the clear mission to satisfy a high quality touristic offer in highly potential touristic areas, generally in rural areas, where current hotel infrastructure may be scarce or not enough.
These accommodation services were born to provide accommodation and services in unique destinations, as well as making sure to protect and preserve highly interesting buildings in terms of architecture.

Aragon’s Guesthouse web includes nine touristic resorts:

San Juan de la Peña****, Loarre***, Roda de Isábena**, Papa Luna Palace*** (Illueca), Sádaba***, Monastery of Rueda**** (Sástago), Mesón de la Dolores*** (Calatayud), Allepuz Palace**** y La Iglesuela del Cid (Matutano Daudén Palace)****.

Some of them are currently opened: Loarre, Roda de Isábena, Sádaba, Monastery of Rueda (Sástago), Mesón de la Dolores (Calatayud),  Allepuz Palace, La Iglesuela del Cid (Matutano Daudén Palace) and Papa Luna Palace (Illueca).

Come on over to meet them and enjoy our best history in fully equipped facilities, with the best services and the care you deserve.