Mesón de la dolores


Welcome to the Hospedería del Mesón de La Dolores

In the locality zaragozana of Calatayud there is another hospice. It’s placed in the palace of the 15th century, which ownership the Marquess of Ayerbe was showing and that later it happened to turn into the Mesón de la Dolores.
This name, which preserves the hospice, owes to itself Dolores Peinador Nervión ” La Dolores “, born in Calatayud in 1819, which eventful life theatrical works spread as ” La Dolores ” of Feliú, or the conocidísimo paso doble ” If you go to Calatayud …. “, helping to create the legend of this personage.

The building has been restored preserving the decorative and architectural original, like that elements we can see the beautiful interior paved court – corrala, to which they put out the balconies of three floors of which the building consists. In the same court there can be seen the remains of a former well.

This hostelry possesses 34 rooms to each of which they there has been given the name of a locality of the region. These are decorated by the original furniture that helps to create a nice antiquated environment, but without neglecting the current comforts.

In addition this modern hospice possesses a wide restaurant, private lounge and in the former stables, room of tryings, shop and cafeteria. In the warehouse, which preserves a few precious Gothic arches, there is a room of exhibitions and the Museum of the Dolores, in which there have been compiled objects and equipment related to former jobs besides ancient photos and the audio-visual one of the history of the city.

El Mesón de la Dolores is today per today the principal historical banner of the city of Calatayud and one of the hospices with more traditional of all those possesses Aragon.

The building dates back of s. The XVth, reaching its  major brilliance during s. The XIXth when in those days it was put. Today, the same building innkeeper shelters a splendid establishment keeping intact many of the decorative and architectural original elements, from soils and walls up to girders of wood, perrons and good part of the furniture that decorates corridors, rooms and rooms. Everything he is impregnated with the purest architectural Aragonese tradition.

Mesón de la Dolores

Of its 34 rooms, stand out its suites of two floorsthat turn out to be ideal for families with children and its restaurant, at the same time hotly and cosy and asumible.

As specially prominent corners we concentrate on its interior court of the hall, from which there can be seen the balconadas of all the floors and its ” Suite de la Dolores “, a fabulous suite, which undoubtedly, good ride departs from the weight of the legend of this personage. The rustic decoration with furniture of the epoch, transports the traveler up to the times of mesoneras and put.

Quite, absolutely quite, it leaks crossbeam in the Inn of the Dolores, reminding the traveler where it is.


Hospedería del Mesón de La Dolores Surroundings

Calatayud is a Mudéjar territory, as well as home to amazing natural landscapes, magnificent thermal baths and balanced wines, in a privileged location.

Calatayud origins date back to the Roman foundation of Bilbilis, whose archaeological site lies a few miles from the old town, it is really worth visiting. Muslim prints left us a legacy around the city in terms of excellent Mudéjar art works. Churches such as ‘San Andrés’, ‘San Pedro de los Francos’ and ‘Nuestra Señora de la Peña’, along with monasteries of ‘Santa María’ and ‘Santo Sepulcro’.

But not only in Calatayud. Nearly all villages and towns in this county can show off their own beautiful Mudéjar churches: the ones in Ateca, Tobed, Aniñón or in Torralba de Ribota are just some of them.

Again in Calatayud, do not hesitate to walk down the streets in the old Jewish suburb, devious and narrow, where you are going to feel all their medieval taste. The church San Juan el Real still keeps several scallops painted by a young Goya.

In Nuévalos it is placed the famous and always splendid ‘Monasterio de Piedra’, a former Cistercian monastery located in a wonderful natural park full of astonishing waterfalls and caves.

One step further you will relax and let yourself take care in some of the Baths located in the towns of Alhama de Aragón, Paracuellos de Jiloca and Jaraba. State of the art facilities, perfect ones to improve your health and to calm and rest which, in a privileged environment, offer leisure activities such as trekking or bicycle riding in the heart of nature.

Hospedería de la Dolores entorno

In the surroundings of Jaraba River Mesa offers you as well the chance to enjoy its spectacular sharpy canyons and defiles and, down the river past down Calatayud, Jalón’s winds.

Half an hour drive from Calatayud gets you to touristic destinations such as Daroca, Illueca or Mesones de Isuela.

The town of Daroca is a medieval living museum, time when it reached its peak. In Illueca the massive  Palace of Luna Family is erected, the building where was born and grew up Pope Benedict XIII, known as Pope Luna.  Illueca is also known by its shoe factories, so you can go shopping to a number of specialized shops and magazines.

The castle in Mesones de Isuela is one of the best preserved in Aragón. In this splendid fortress, built up during 14th and 15 centuries, its robust outer part will surely blow you away.

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