Roda de Isábena


Welcome to the Hospedería de Roda de Isábena

The Guest House in Roda de Isábena, established in 1995, is open just opposite to the Cathedral, in the Market Square, in a medieval environment inside this little and quiet village in Ribagorza county. This village was originally a Roman defensive fortress, residence then to the Counts of Ribagorza and Bishopric palace. Built up on the foundations of an ancient Abbey, it provides 10 double rooms, restaurant and a leisure room.

The whole captivation of a house of the century XVIII-XIX, exquisitely restored, transformed into hotel and inside a tourist – natural incomparable enclave that it will allow you to enjoy a time of tranquility, in full contact with the nature and the traditions. Roda de Isábena is located in the Oriental Pirineo, and precisely its valley is one of the principal areas of tourist interest.

The dining room is accessible through the Cathedral Cloister, and it is set in the former refectory, for up to 60 guests to be served.

Each of our XX suites – apartments consists of bedroom with double bed or with individual beds, lounge dining room with television, sofa bed, heating, kitchen completely equipped with icebox, microwave and plate vitrocerámica. They all possess individual bath and in some case tub of hydromassage.

We have also a suite – apartment prepared for physically handicapped persons.

The Hospice possesses a zone spa, parking, warehouse, lounge of meetings, barbecue, laundry and space to guard bicycles. In addition, it has restaurant with capacity for 50 retainers, where there offers all kinds of typical products of the zone. (In low season the restaurant will remain closed on Sundays in the night, Monday and Tuesday)

To open the door of the hostelry is to return to the past, and not so much for its interior but for the environment in the one that is located. Well be with a view to the Cathedral, good with a view to the valley of the Isabena, the hostelry is born as backwater of peace in the middle of history and nature.

Roda de Isábena is located in the Oriental Pirineo, and precisely its valley is one of the principal areas of tourist interest.

In a small corner, abundance of crossbeam and history, in full square of the cathedral, the house that practically rubs with the walls of the temple shelters this hostelry altoaragonesa, combining well-being and quality, with gastronomy and leisure.

It has 10 rooms that are in the habit of being very requested for whom they flee of the crowds in search of a backwater of peace.

It suits to highlight its terrace, splendid, from that it is possible to contemplate one of the most spectacular places of the zone, on to having been able to be enjoyed good part of the valley.
Undoubtedly someone, the corner mas interesting of this hostelry is itsrestaurant, former Refectory of the Cathedral, and that comes exercising these functions from 1985.

Its sixty squares distribute under the domed floor of stone that shyly it illuminates with the characteristic lamps of forge. Undoubtedly, an incomparable frame.


Hospedería de Roda de Isábena surroundings

Castles, medieval bridges, tiny Romanesque shrines, monasteries and an overwhelming nature are some of the incentives offered to the visitor around Roda de Isábena.

Very close, in Capella, the medieval bridge stands proud, with its great arcades along with the 12th century Romanesque shrine, whose massive painted altarpiece dates back from the 16th century.

Hospedería Roda de Isábena Graus

Another highly recommendable place is Graus, the largest town in the area. Its location, where rivers Isábena and Ésera meet, in a crossroads between Aragón and Cataluña, has allowed it top lay a key role in the history of Ribagorza county. Although it was an important Muslim position, there are hardly any remains of those times, but the old town is to be admired, like some of the town gates still preserved.

But the real jewel is the arcade market square, with three different arcades: the one of the Town Hall, in Aragonese Renaissance style (16th century), the Manor house ‘Pentineta’ with 18th century paintings and Manor House ‘Bardaxí’ in a Neoclassical style.

Also in Graus, the shrine of ‘Virgen de la Peña’ is erected on the rock ‘peña del Morral’.

Hospedería Roda de Isábena Graus